Dot's Day 2019 - March 16, 9:00 to 4:00

Dot Negropontes was an amazing leader within our community. She embodied the true vision of empowerment and wellness, and in her passing, we will carry forward the lessons that she taught so many.

Women ages 10-100 years young are invited to attend Dot’s Day to come together and celebrate the relationships among girls and women. This day will focus on the important relationships between mothers and daughters, aunts, sisters, grandmothers, friends and soulmates and how we can grow and nurture strong and confident women in our communities.

Our Keynote

Dr. Jody Carrington is a Clinical Psychologist who has spent most of her career working with children and families who have experienced trauma. Growing up on a farm in rural Alberta, Canada, and after 13 years (!) of post-secondary education, she took her first job on the Mental Health Inpatient Units of the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. It was during those 10 years that she learned the most about kids, families, relationships, and the vital importance of connection. Today, she is back living in a rural setting, managing a private practice, raising a family, speaking around the country about relationships, connection and her new book, “Kids These Days”. Jody passionately believes in the power of the relationship with the people we love, lead, and teach. Her favourite thing on the planet to do is to speak with educators – they have the power to change the trajectory of a life every single day. It’s time, she believes, that we need to start focusing less on kids these days, and more on those of you who hold them every day. The core of everything she speaks and writes about comes down to this: we are wired to do hard things. We can do those hard things so much easier when we remember this: we are wired for connection.

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Tickets go on sale February 6th at 5:00pm!

Session 1: Yoga

Instructor: Stephanie Cullen, Blissful Energy Yoga

First up, let’s talk about the blissful and zen Stephanie Cullen. For those of you who know her, you love her. For those of you who don’t, trust us when we say that she is a most talented yoga instructor who has true passion for her work and practice.  Stephanie will offer a gentle Yin/Yang session. Recharge yourself with a dose of gentle hatha and yin yoga so you are centered again and ready to embrace life. This class encourages development of strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance of the body, mind and spirit. The first half of the class will be primarily standing or more energetic poses (YANG) and the second half will be primarily seated poses with long holds (YIN) to receive a wonderful stretch of the body. A great class for those who enjoy a slower class and beginners. Suitable for all!

30 Attendees

Session 2: Tea & Scones

Instructor: Amanda Koch

Want to feel like royalty? Well then, we have you covered!! Join Amanda Koch from Make it Yourself Cooking Classes for a Tea Party. Learn to bake scones, make a winter fruit salad and brew some fine tea. Enjoy the magic of making something beautiful and tasty with your own hands. Bring your own apron and a take-home container. Come prepared to have fun and get messy. (Please note that the scones are not gluten or dairy-free.)

We thought it may be helpful to brush up on tea etiquette.

1). When it comes to enjoying your properly brewed tea, it’s best to hold your cup and saucer near your chest. Raise your teacup to your mouth to drink and if you spill any the saucer is there to save your blushes.

2). Avoid slurping your tea and other loud noises. Slurping has been scientifically proven to agitate other diners and you may end up with some tea poured over your head

3).Scones in themselves can be a minefield. Best practice is to break off a small piece, then spread with clotted cream and jam before eating.

4). Be mindful of how you cross your legs. "All royal ladies cross at the ankles or put both legs off to the side."

Sounds like too much to remember? Ha! We agree! Just come and enjoy yourself with some homemade brew, fresh scones, good company, and cross your legs in any old way you please. (Slurping still not advised).

20 Attendees

Session 3: Floral Arrangement - Carnation Sundaes

Instructor: Suzanna Ellis, Maezy's Petals

Sundaes with NO CALORIES! Sign me up! But wait, that’s always too good to be true, isn’t it? Join Suzanna Ellis from Maezy’s Petals this year as she returns to Dot’s Day to help us create beautiful Carnation Sundaes Centerpieces with a rose on top. These cute and fresh creations look good enough to eat, but will last longer and there is no guilt or need to run on the treadmill afterwards!

25 Attendees

Session 4: Art Journaling

Instructor: Janice Gallant, The Creation Guild

The talented and peaceful Janice Gallant is returning this year to help us learn how to art journal with intention. Janice will teach you new ways of art journaling that will help you dream, solve problems in your life, and bring you closer to your greatest desires. Thinking, talking and reading about our problems and desires are just not enough. Learn new steps into mindfulness and creativity that will allow your solutions to resolve easily and gracefully. This is for the beginner, the 'non-creative or non-artistic' (really, we are all creative), as well as expert journalers.

25 Attendees

Session 5: What to Wear and How to Wear It - Making the Most of Your Wardrobe

Instructor: Janelle Awe - White Creek Ranch Photography

Are you an hourglass or a pear, an apple or a spoon? Rest assured there will be no spooning in this session, but you will learn what type of body shape you have and how to dress to build confidence and maximize your assets! Janelle Awe, a styling consultant with a degree in fashion and an eye for style will walk you through the latest fashion trends and how to feel and look your best in the clothes and accessories that suit you. She will also go over the best way to shop, to get what you want and need so you're maximizing your time and coming home with clothes that you will actually wear, feel good in, and look great in!

25 Attendees

Session 6: Personal Treasure Map

Instructor: Gloria Ulry, Outside In Consulting

Let’s get creative and make our own personal treasure maps! So often we just go through the motions of life without really paying attention to what is going on, or what is happening next. Gloria Ulry from Outside In Consulting will guide us through a fun process of developing our very own treasure map that creates a visual tool to focus your creative energy in the direction that you wish to go. Anything goes here, it’s your life! Map it out anyway you choose!!  Just the process of creating a visual aid will keep you moving in the right direction!

25 Attendees

Session 7: MusiCreations - Group Musical Education, Recreation and Wellness

Instructor: Lorrie Lipski

Do you march to the beat of your own drum? If not, would you like to? Join our local talent Lorrie Lipski as she provides a session to join hearts, hands, and voices in musical play and creativity using songs, speech rhythms, movement, drums, hand percussion and barred instruments such as xylophones. Celebrate the expressive genius of women by collaborating, exploring and sharing in the joy of making music together.


25 Attendees

Session 8: Mountain Wood Art

Instructor: Chantal Thorburn - Souls Journey Creative Healing Studio

Are the mountains calling you but you just can’t get there? Join Chantal Thorburn from Souls Journey Creative Healing Studio, a self-taught artist with a drive and passion for creating and teaching all types of creative art forms as you create a beautiful 9.5x11.5 inch mountain wood art project. Each piece is as unique to you as the mountains and you won’t be disappointed in your masterpiece.

20 Attendees

Session 9: Sound Meditation

Instructor: Bruce Cevraini - Alchemy of the Sun

Sorry what?? Excuse us, we zoned out there for a minute! Just reflecting back on the experience of Bruce Cevraini’s sound meditation session.  Words can’t quite describe the experience of going on a journey with Bruce as you lay back and take a sound bath (no worries ladies, the clothes stay on). The gong has the power to go deep within the body and restore vibration imbalances. During the sound bath you are immersed in sounds produced by instruments such as Himalayan, Nepalese, and crystal singing bowls, gong and percussion.  This session needs to be experienced as it’s hard to explain the feeling of pure calm and relaxation that it brings.

35 Attendees

Session 10: Tai Chi


Join the Olds Tai Chi Association as they offer a session that will help you with both! Tai Chi practice is health and well-being orientated. In this session you will learn a variety of grounded cyclic postures, which increase flexibility, balance, body awareness, in addition to resilient strength. Also, the neurological circuitry required for remembering and performing the choreography makes the practice a 'brain exercise'! In addition, there is a meditative component as a result of the flowing movement. This session is appropriate for all fitness levels.

25 Attendees


Session 11: Kickboxing

Instructor: Trina Radcliffe

Punching and kicking? It’s not a street fight, it’s learning one of the most popular fitness trends going these days. Come join the instructors from the CLC Fitness Center to learn the basic moves of kickboxing. Jab, cross, hook, and uppercut your way through a fun and interactive class that will keep you on your toes!  This one is for ages 14+, and sign up early as we are capping it at 16 people.

Please Note: 14+ ONLY

16 Attendees


Session 12: Wellfullness Terrariums

Instructors: Mike Bass, Emma Lefebvre, Ashten Paquette

Wait…did we leave the best for last?? Hardly- but this unbelievable, awesome, fantastic, splendid (we stole this word from the thesaurus as we ran out of adjectives) session is offered by non-other than… the YES Program! We just hope that after reading all of these other incredible sessions you will even consider joining ours! Our work in the schools and community is about helping people protect their mental health, be kind to themselves and others, and to learn how to be mindful. Come join us as we talk about how to promote wellness in ourselves and the people that we care about. We will be creating terrariums to bring health, peace, inspiration and the joy of nature to your home or office.

25 Attendees

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